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On the graphs, the vertical axis represents cumulative kWh savings as compared to each individual House's baseline. Positive numbers represent usage savings under the baseline amount whereas negative numbers represent usage costs over the baseline amount.

October 31 - November 27, 2011

The November 2011 competition is over! Congratulations to all the houses for reducing their electricity consumption through the cold month of November. The average temperature during the competition was 5.39°C.

The winning house was Chilcotin with a total savings of 7,550 kWh against their baseline. It should be noted that Chilcotin was fully occupied throughout the month of November but still managed to consume almost 18% less energy than the combined average of all the other houses. Congratulations to Chilcotin for all their hard work.

The runner up was Haida with a savings of 5,011 kWh. Congratulations to Haida for all their efforts in this competition.

Overall consumption for all Houses for the month of November was 189,082 kilowatts. Compared to the baseline of 223,194 kilowatts, this results in a savings of 34,112 kilowatts or 15.28%. That's enough to power one more entire Residence House of 48 students for the month! Or 4 regular family houses for an entire year!

November Final Standings

November 2011 Residence Competition Final Results Residence Competition Results October 31 - November 27, 2011


We are happy to announce the winning House for prize #1 ($70 Metrotown gift card and blanket) for having the biggest energy reduction (kwh) for the 4 weeks:
Chilcotin House

We are happy to announce the winning Suite for prize #2 ($60 Metrotown gift card and blanket) for saving energy in the most creative ways by submitting videos/photos on Maq Blast:
Nisga'a C

Honourable mentions (for submitting videos/photos on Maq Blast) go to:

  1. Chilcotin C
  2. Nisga'a D
  3. Kootenay D