how to win

To win this competition your house needs to reduce its energy consumption over the month-long competition period more than the other houses can reduce theirs.

Energy Saving Tips

These are some of the energy saving tips that have worked best in the past:

  • turn off the lights when not in use
  • turn down your heaters (use more sweaters and blankets)
  • if you have to use heaters, don't open windows to bring down the temperature
  • wash your laundry with cold water and during off-peak hours
  • air-dry your clothes on drying racks or clothes lines
  • use less hot water in the kitchen and bathroom
  • use laptops instead of desktop computers (they're more efficient)
  • unplug appliances (or use a power bar to cut off their power) when not in use
  • to optimize the use of stoves and microwaves, cook and eat your meals together


How the Competition is Scored

Scoring is done by tracking the energy a house consumes during each hour of each day of the competition.

The house that consumes the least energy, compared to their baseline, is the winner.

Because each house has a different energy profile, each house has been given a baseline to determine their savings. A house's baseline is based on it's occupancy, historical consumption, weather and other factors. For more information check out score and baseline calculation details.